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“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.” - Joseph pilates


group classes

Group classes are available to book online and are best for clients who have some experience with group fitness. The group environment is a safe and effective introduction to Pilates principles and fundamentals. All levels group classes are available in Scottsdale. 


Private Pilates appointments are great for beginners or those looking to prevent or recover from injury. The one on one program is completely tailored to your body, your skill level and your needs. We will utilize a variety of equipment and methods to approach movement in a sustainable and therapeutic way.

*Now accepting new clients*



Are you interested in hosting a workshop or specialty class at your studio or office? Let's chat. Topics range and can be customized to your needs.

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Jackie’s unparalleled knowledge of Pilates combined with her ability to bridge the ever-elusive gap between the mind/body connection is only one of the many things that make her unique and masterful as an instructor. The cues and corrections she gives at the very moment you need that guidance have helped me deepen my practice beyond the physical and into the meditative. I leave her classes knowing that my practice has been elevated to levels I never knew I could reach, let alone reach with the precision and nuance that Jackie endows upon her students. She makes the difficult attainable and does so with a steady flow and the humor necessary to make one enjoy the process.

The environment cultivated in Jackie’s sessions is one of encouragement, safety, self-care and solidarity toward the goal of improving one’s practice of Pilates. Jackie has helped me become the best possible version of myself both in the studio, and beyond.
— Paula R

I was introduced to Pilates about three years ago and have taken classes, regularly, with dozens of great teachers. Jackie, however, is, without question, the best - she’s on a level all her own. I look forward to her classes, not only because they are fun - she knows how to keep things interesting and full of variety - but because I know, without fail, that I will leave better than when I walked in. I will feel better, I will learn something, my form will be better, and muscles I didn’t know I had will hurt (in a good way!). Jackie is passionate about Pilates and teaching and it shows. She has a gift and I’m grateful to have found her and to be able to learn from her.
— Tara B

Jackie is nothing short of an excellent instructor. As a student of hers for more than two years, Jackie still enhances my practice. Her routines are innovative and her focus on form and posture will benefit new students as well as challenge long time practitioners. Most importantly, sense of humor and sunny disposition make it easy to forgive her for her for pushing you so hard in class!
— Tory B